We're fresher, tastier and better

Flavours of Manila aims to bring together Manila's sumptuous array of delicacies, celebrating the
Philippine capital's fusion of flavors, with variations uniquely our own.

Offered primarily to the foodies and food connoisseurs in the Tri-State area, No, we don't want to put claim that we're the best, we simply want to introduce the many flavors of our beloved Manila interpreted in such ways that we have come to love and want to share with all of you. What we assure though is the freshness of our cooking. Served a la carte, our dishes come fresh and crisp from our kitchen to your table, ready for you to savor. With the owners' gained knowledge on culinary skills and varied gastronomic experience, we say you have come to the right place.

A family-owned business, Flavours of Manila is their second venture to the food business. With great enthusiasm and the will to share to Filipinos their culinary talent and expertise of Filipino cuisine, Flavours of Manila brings to the fore in the bustling Tri-State what has long been absent in the area: the love for home-cooked Filipino cuisine in an atmosphere that is both comforting and homey and yet elegant.

Flavours of Manila is a place to take your families, friends and clients and be a part of
the family that loves good Filipino food. A traditional home cooking away from home.